The Life Of Bry



Hello and welcome!

Here I am, finally putting pen to paper! (of sorts).

Where to begin…?

Born in Grimsby, a once thriving fishing port, I broke the mould and opted out of a life long career with fish. Having spent the last decade in Liverpool I will look back and wonder was puberty worse for me than the evolution of my drunken escapades over the last ten years? It’s going to be tough to call. I can promise you that I have many embarrassing stories that I intend to share in a vein hope someone, somewhere reads this and doesn’t make the same mistakes I have.

Occasioanly I like to have the odd rant so who knows, that could be exciting?

Things you probably need to know about me to help you on this journey; I’m notoriously pale, some of my friends would say I am an incy wincy bit emotional and over think everything. I know, what a catch right? 🙈

Basically, I am the friend, that person, that if anything has ever happened to anyone, seems to happen to me.

Now it may seem some what obnoxious to think my life is that exciting it could warrant a blog, it isn’t, my life is a living roller coaster. Through the wonders of social media and auto-correct I will share this journey with you.


Bry x

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