First Dates application!

A little unknown secret of mine is last year and the year previous I applied to go on first dates. On the application form it asks to link a video, to which I used an alias YouTube account I set up, so I could upload the videos and link it! Now, the first years video is simply unsharable, however the second year (last year) is not so bad, well I don’t think so anyway!

As most people are these days, I am part of various whatsapp groups with my friends, so I thought I’d ask one of the 900 thousand whatsapp groups I have what they thought and the feedback was, well, really honest!

And hiariously brutal!!

I mean honestly who needs enemies when you have friends like these? Haha!

If your friends aren’t brutally honest with you are they really your friends?

It’s safe to say that luckily for Luke and apparently the Nation, I am not on TV haha!


What did I take away from this?

Well the first thing I learnt, is that I should of smiled more and maybe not dressed like I was about to go for an audition as an ‘inbetweener’ extra.

The second thing I learnt is that I talk with my hands, does that make me Italian?

Thinking back, I remember it being difficult on how to make this video, what content to put in etc. How does someone sell them selves like this? It is certainly tricky. In the video, I come across like a monotoned defeated old man in the body of a some what young 20 something year old!

The devil is in the detail – Why am I talking about my previous job role? If I had to re do it, I would talk about the current me, what is in the past, should stay in the past! It is also worth remembering not to discuss my “craziness” ha! I mean come on Bry, why would you put in that in a video selling yourself?!

Anyway, I didn’t get on but I did get to have a hard laugh at Luke going in strong with the critique of my video.

Just another day in the life of Bry!




One thought on “First Dates application!

    My name is julie , 39 and I have been single since last September, well I can’t believe it’s been already a year!!!???
    My heart ❤️ got broken but I believe someone on this planet can mend it 👍🏻😀
    Meanwhile unfortunately I am still waiting…..

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