You can’t kid a kidda…

Today is the day, I tell myself. Wait, no, tomorrow is the day….or is it Monday?

The Lie I tell myself daily, well, multiple lies I tell myself daily.

If like me, you want to change something in your life, my advice would be to start small.

Very small.

Denial and delusion are funny old things. They will lean on your every weakness and prize you from your goals. Reading that sounds quite heavy, basically what I mean is, its easy to be a lazy shit and avoid changing, despite the almost desperate desire to do so.

That is the thing though isn’t it? We desire to change but just not bad enough. Nothing ever happens over night, yet every time I muster 7 pathetic press-ups, I feel like I have just pumped more iron than any human has ever pumped in the history of pumping iron.

Pumping Iron is still a relevant saying isn’t it?

It has to be a gradual thing, which is unfortunate because I am impatient.

First thing on this boring, arduous road to change that we don’t want to go on but really ought to, is setting manageable goals. I started with football training once a week. I then joined a gym, a month later, I thought about attending the gym. Two months passed and I eventually went to the gym…at 5am. Typical of me really, I advise gradual and I just dive right in, well kinda. It felt liberating if I am to be honest. It really didn’t matter that it took me 21 minutes to ‘run’ 2km or 10 minutes to row 1500m. I had planned to go to the gym before work and I had achieved my goal. Success.

I didn’t return for three weeks.

Like anything, starting isn’t the hard part, consistency is. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar.

It could not be any truer and relevant and yet I want to be great, I just, well cannot be arsed at the moment. Why? Well because I am lazy, or at least lazy out side of work.

Back to the drawing board, gym twice a week and if possible, one of them has to be an early start. The 5am gym session isn’t a problem if you go to bed at a reasonable hour (said like an Old timer). It is very easy to put barriers up, I cannot do this or that because of something daft like, I have eaten too much today or I have too much work I need to do when I get home, even though I won’t do it. It comes down to either go and do it, or don’t. If you chose not to, that’s fine, just don’t bore your friends and family about it, they don’t care, nobody cares about things like that. (Trust me!)

If you can relate to this, then the gym will not be the only lie you tell yourself, it might be your 9th day in a row you had a McD’s for lunch so you can’t quit until you at least hit 10, right? Momma didn’t raise no quitter! Wrong, there is no right time to start anything. Ever. It does not matter if it is the gym, a diet, quitting smoking, talking to that cute girl you saw at the coffee shop, just do it. If you do talk to a girl you don’t know in a coffee shop, just remember this is 2017 and apparently that shit is weird. Do it anyway!

A close friend of mine recommend a blog for me, he has been encouraging me for years to put pen to paper, share my stories and my abstract thoughts with the world. A Brilliant Idea I thought, but I just need to buy a new computer, or maybe a laptop first. Yeah, but I can’t do that just yet because I need to go on holiday first. It is Christmas coming up, so I can’t really book a holiday, so I will just wait.

I am cray cray, I mean seriously, what bullshit that is? Just do it, literally. There is no right time to do or start anything. There are no rules when it comes to trying something new, changing, improving, anything, just literally start. When you have done something once, you can do it again.

So, now that you know, if you didnt already know, that there is no right time to do anything, what is it you really want to do? Do it, dig deep, remember its for you and not for anyone else and do it.

Trust that if you fail, that’s okay because you will keep going until to you get to where you need to be. In the mean time, re read the story about when I shit myself and be grateful that wasn’t you!

Bry x

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