Quitting smoking 

As I sit here, pondering my aggressive overreaction to my boss today, which wasn’t for the first time I might add, I think to myself about quitting smoking. Also thinking where did I get that hat in the above picture??

My body, itching for the nictonine filled smoke, the poisoned elixir my mind craves has literally got me acting like a twat. There is simply no other way around it, I’m moody because I’m yet again having to ride the rollercoaster of withdrawal. And I’m a bit of a moody twat anyway. 
Having spent nearly 3 weeks not smoking (when sober), it’s apparent that even social smoking is messing with me. Having any sort of cigs on a Saturday night is just going to put me back to square 1 come 48 hours later. 

£10.50 a day I used to spend on 20 little ciggeretes that increase my chances of getting a bazillion types of cancer by a bazillion percent, not that I like to exaggerate. These two facts are keeping me from going to the shop and buying some. However, I can’t tell my body that because the cells in me are screaming for nicotine.

Non Smokers will not understand but smokers and ex smokers will feel me. In fact, any addict or ex addict of any kind will be able to empathise with my cravings. It’s not fun. Fortunately, it won’t last and I will begin to stop craving those sweet cancer sticks.

So in the mean time, all I can do is eat my body weight in whatever I can find to consume and go to the gym to exhaust my angst.

My recommendations though if you are going through this or thinking of quitting;

1. First and most importantly, don’t shout at your boss, don’t tell him to fuck off and don’t rage quit your job. Nothing good can possibly come of it. Fortunately, my boss is pretty sound so he will be okay with me, probably just get me back in some clever way I won’t see coming. Just as long as it isn’t a P45 in the next sales meeting I will survive.

 2. Find a healthy habit. The gym is the obvious replacement here. Try to replace those severe cravings with exercise, it’s going to help you de stress much easier and reduce the craving level. 

Or fill it with eating loads of food and cry as you become fatter. My friends girlfriend recently got a 60 slice cake for her birthday, we all joked that even I couldn’t consume that much of it. (47 slices in 3 days).

3. Make a light hearted social media post about your efforts at quitting, essentially warning friends and family to give you space before you end them for looking at you.

4. The more you sleep the less time you have to crave cigarettes !
That’s pretty much it. Try not to be an asshole which I know, it’s easier said than done and try not to replace it with alcohol because that will only cause you to smoke. 

Quitting anything isn’t easy but it is achievable.

If you want help or need support with it you can always contact me, we can get mad at random things to pass the time.

So basically, sorry for being more of a twat than usual.

Big love, 

Bry X 

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