On to a winner…

This tale, is about how I met my dear friend Webby.

Webby and I had each other on Instagram but actually hadn’t met, until my flat mates birthday nightout. Incredibly drunk in Heebies when Webby runs to me out of nowhere shouting “Insta, Insta”. I was clueless but welcomed an attractive girl running towards me!

Now the finer details of the night are lost on me. I woke up and noticed I had a number saved on my phone, straight to whatsapp to check out the prof pic and it was Webby! I started messaging her but she couldn’t really remember meeting me. Typical! However my mother didn’t raise no quitter! Eventually we got talking and found we had quite similar tastes, similar humour, dark humour and it was brilliant.

Like a little boy in a sweet shop I was buzzing. During the evening I told her I was picking her up and taking her for some food. Good for you Bry, girls like lads who take control, I thought.

I pick her up and headed to a lovey restaurant in town, we hadn’t even been in each other’s company 5 minutes and was having a right laugh. Now Webby was not my usual type with her dress sense. It felt a bit liberal/hippy. It didn’t bother me and I still thought she looked good. She owned it!

So here I am, sat in front of a confident girl who was hilarious and I was loving life. Now, I probably should tell you that prior to me picking her up, she had mentioned she was in to girls but has had a boyfriend in the past. I thought nothing of it, she’s clearly Bi and if she likes me there’s nothing to worry about.

The date went really well, I was in tears with laughter the entire evening. All weekend we where texting and on the Monday I said we would go for a walk on Crosby beach.

It was a glorious sunny Monday afternoon. I picked her up and on the drive up to Crosby she told me more about her. So I will basically sum her up, she’s a genius and musically gifted.

Too good to be true. A wonderful person, talented, intelligent, used to have a thing for girls (thought it was a bit hot), laughs at my jokes and I had got her to a second date.

Got some fish and chips, obviously I had gravy with my fish and chips. Webby didn’t, I thought she was insane but nobody’s perfect. Gravy is essential. Sat on the beach finishing our chippy, we decide to walk up the prom after grabbing an ice cream. Now surely I can’t be insane in thinking so far so good right….right??

Well, on the drive home, a voice in my head that I had ignored all weekend finally said what I didn’t want to hear and I couldn’t leave it.

“Webby, are you a lesbian?” I asked

“Yes Bry, I’m really sorry, I tried”

Typical. However, we did laugh. I proposed an alternative, I said well how about we just stay mates.

That’s the story of how Webby and I became great friends. Even though she apparently tried to fight her sexual orientation!

Bry x

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