On to a winner…

This tale, is about how I met my dear friend Webby.  Webby and I had each other on Instagram but actually hadn’t met, until my flat mates birthday nightout. Incredibly drunk in Heebies when Webby runs to me out of nowhere shouting “Insta, Insta”. I was clueless but welcomed an attractive girl running towards me! […]

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Tango Tango, Mayday

In my second year of University I started working as a PR. The promo company I worked for grew and grew until they became what I would consider the biggest in the city. Every year they had the same theme night out for all the lads who worked for them. Bad Christmas Jumper, which was […]

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Face Maaaaaaaarrgghhh!

​​ I decided to give Shills face mask ago. Heard great things and well, it was an impulse purchase from amazon.  I would like to say to you that I played up to the camera and that it didn’t hurt. The truth is quite the opposite, it was tremendously painful!  Never peel slow, I repeat, […]

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